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Related post: Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 05:39:34 -0800 (PST) From: Justin Davis Subject: The Palace of Infinite Delights by Justin Davis (M/t, mast, oral, anal)The following story contains graphic sexual scenes between young males and older males. If material of this nature offends you then you underage teen images should not read this story. underage illegal paysites Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.This underage model toplist story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. Additionally, the actions of the characters in this story are in no way intended to show approval of, or give sanction to, their actions, or encourage similar actions underage teeny kds by others.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author.Positive comments are always welcome and you may e-mail them toJustin0398yahoo.comAuthor's Note: Several readers of "Chester the Molester: Canceled Vacation" wrote and wanted to know more about The Palace of Infinite Delights nightclub. To that end, here is more.The Palace of Infinite Delights By Justin Davis As the young Thai boys danced on the stage to the Hip-Hop music, Mr. Rak Srichaphan, the wealthy owner of the nightclub, scurried gratis underage trailers about among art nude underage the throng ukrainian underage nudes of guests seated at their tables free underaged vids greeting them. Many were long-time customers who came to the club on their regular visits ilegal underage to Bangkok and Mr. Srichaphan always made sure that they knew their patronage asian underage gallery was appreciated.As usual, the boys dancing on the stage, clad only in scanty G-strings, each wore a number so that interested patrons might select underage girls playing them for personal entertainment later in one underage fuck forum of the many private rooms upstairs over the nightclub. In fact, at that very moment many of the rooms upstairs were underage pink pussy occupied with various goings on.In Room 31, forty year old Matt Dudley, his almost two-inch wide ten-inch long cock gleaming with a mixture of lube, sperm, and ass juices, was working his huge tool in warez underage and out of the tiny butt of fourteen year old Lon Nguyen, not that the underage russian hardcore young Lon was a virgin. Yet, Matt's cock was the type that young boys, and even grown men, found it hard to get used to. As for little Lon, well he had long since wrapped his long spidery legs around the American's waist, and his arms around his neck, and begun to babble xxx underage some sort of Thai gibberish as the man's huge fuck stick slithered in and out of his bowels for the third time.At first, the kid had underage beach nudist been horrified when Matt had eventually shucked off his boxers, revealing his thick, dangling, piece of meat. Lon's mouth had hung agape and his eyes had gotten as big as saucers as he had stared underage toplist df at the huge flaccid tool, for having Thai cocks up his butt was one thing but this was different. Lon had heard from other boy prostitutes that many American men had cocks much underage asia naked larger than the average Thai did, and, as he had gazed upon his first one, he had instantly wondered if all Americans had such native underage girls huge equipment.Five hundred American dollars was what the man had paid to fuck Lon's butt, and little Lon, although he had reacted in horror, knew he really had no choice. Boys willing to be prostitutes were a dime a dozen and he needed the money.Lon had begun to whimper softly as his legs were pushed back to his ears, and he had howled at the ceiling, when underage fashion the huge mushroom-like head popped into his butt. Then, he had begun to whimper loudly and yelp as the thick hard sausage had begun to relentlessly bore its way into him. On and on it seemed to underage teens webcam go, deeper and deeper, until little Lon felt as though his whole insides mafia underage stripping were filled with the American's long, fat, cock.Now, as the huge tool slithered in and out of his obscenely stretched hole, little Lon babbled incoherently, drool running from the corner of his mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head. Lon's mind had escaped to some other universe where Thai boys surrender their butts and minds to huge cocks.Lon's tiny toes curled involuntarily with every inward journey of underage girls sexpic the huge prick. Soon, just as involuntarily, he gasped and cried out, his four-inch peter quaking and spurting out more cum pellets as his whole body shuddered, for he was having yet another orgasm, his fifth since the seemingly endless fucking began over two hours ago. As for Matt Dudley, he was in heaven.The aphrodisiac he had purchased was working wonderfully underage movie sex well underaged nude 6 as promised. Matt found it almost impossible for his cock to go fat underage pussy limp. So, as he moaned and blew his third load deep into Lon's insides, lubricating them with even more of his sperm, Matt continued to fuck the tiny ass toward russian underage 15 his fourth cum. As he did so, Matt couldn't help but look down and admire the delicious obsceneness of his thick underage kiddy prick sliding in and out between Lon's models and underage tiny, almond-colored, buns.Further down the hall, in Room 22, fourteen year old Lok Noi, was having a little easier time of it as the middle-aged Chinese businessman fucked his face and the man's slender five-inch dick slithered in and out of his throat. Lok had been underage child modeling sucking cock and getting fucked since underage blowjob gallery he was ten, and because of his long hair and feminine looks was one of the most popular boys in the stable of prostitutes at the club.Down the hall in Room 15, little Noi Meesang, his underage nudist kiddy head down and butt up on the bed, was having much the same experience as Lon. The tall, muscular, Nigerian man who held onto his hips with his huge hands, was fucking his huge, thick, dark, tool, balls deep underage vigina pictures into his behind forcing Noi untouched underage pussy to grunt loudly with each thrust that shook his tiny body.Already the huge black man had fucked him twice; filling him with so much sperm that it now oozed from his hole and streamed down his small ball sack underage baby bbs underage model playtoy and his thighs as the huge cock slithered in and out of him. Noi could only hope that once the man came again he would be finished with him and he would have earned his money.Next door, in Room 16, thirteen year old Lek nacked children underage Tawisuwan was having a much more pleasurable time straddling underage forbidden the shoulders of a underage dark collection portly English gentleman as free underage pussy he fucked his mouth for the second time. Already hot xxx underage free little Lek had blown his cum pellets down the man's throat less than an hour before. Now, he was well on the way to giving him another taste of his sugary underage blowjob sites sweet load, not concerned at all that he would shortly be swallowing the man's thick goo. After all, he was used to it. Lek had been a boy prostitute since he was nine.Earlier, downstairs in the club, underage asian rape patrons had been treated to one topless underaged of the more popular acts, illegal underage lollita "The Moment of Delicious Sweetness." As usual, they had applauded loudly underage sex model when sixteen year old Koompa, the slender and popular Thai teen with the unusual eight and one-half inch hard cock, had walked out on to the stage, his hard tool wagging from side to side as he did underage naked teenagers so. There had been murmurs in the audience as he had been draped over the small metal table and thumbpicunderage had had his hands and feet bound to the legs and a strap like device placed on him that pulled his hard cock backward between his legs. underage smoking essay Then, there had been titters as the chocolate syrup had been poured over his open butt crack and exposed hole to the naked underager girls point that it dripped down his ball sac and cock.Naturally, there had been applause as the large German Shepherd had been brought onto the stage. Then, there had been howls of laughter underage teeny as the dog's large, pick, tongue had begun to lap up the sweet stuff, causing Koompa to yelp nonude underaged and holler with delight at the stimulation. As a result, Koompa had started oozing so much pre-cum that underage models tube it formed a continuous silver ribbon that dripped upon the floor, much to the appreciation of the audience.Then, as the dog was placed into position to mount him from underage litle teens behind, as had happened underage boypics fucking an underage many times before, Koompa had awaited the invasion which he knew would ultimately result in the patrons getting to see huge ropes of cum binaries models underage fly from his hard underage porn pussy cock as the dog's polish underage knot pounded his prostate without mercy.However, upstairs in Room 26, underage asian sluts it was real underage models a different story as twelve year old Proi, on his hands and knees in the middle of the large bed, was being fucked from both ends by the two Swedish businessmen underage porn stories with the long fat cocks who had paid a thousand dollars each for his services. For Proi, it would be a long twelve hours, for like Matt Dudley they had purchased some aphrodisiac from a Chinese gentleman and would be hard for hours on end. Of course, Proi had cunny underage teens had that happen before and the fact that his teen mpeg underaged naked body would be caked with dried cum when it was all over was old hat to him. He was used to it by now, having been fucked the first time when he was ten.Further up the hall, in Room 11, which was underage nudity bbs one of the special sound-proof rooms, fifteen year old Nung gasped, and then yelped loudly, as another ball weight was added to the stack that already underage erotic pictures made his balls hang obscenely underage gay pics low. Yet, that and the spreader bar attached to his ankles were all too familiar to him and he wondered how he would eventually be underage illeagle made to cum. Secretly, he hoped that it would be by getting spanked this time, for he always had his best orgasms that way.Both Rooms 11 and 12 were special rooms and were monitored by security camera to insure that the strict rules governing such activity were followed. Nothing more than mild discomfort or erotic stimulation was allowed. In fact, nipple claps, ball weights, and spanking were the underage breastss most severe things allowed. So, in Room 12, the fact that fourteen-year-old Kittibun was delirious with the desire to cum as he hung from the metal frame while a feather was played over the exposed head of his cock, wasn't unusual at all. In fact, like most of the boys who volunteered for such activities, both he and Nung were actually having as much fun underage porno pixs as the men who were giving them special attention and they edmonton underage were very good actors, protesting and pleading and pretending to be horrified the whole time.So, Kittibun squealed underage teen feet and screamed as the nipple claps were applied, there was no way he could let the man know that he secretly hoped that the man would soon insert the monstrous battery-powered dildo up his butt that horny underaged girl always gave him such a powerful cum. delhi underage Nor, could he beg the man to underage boy pics yank on the skinny underage naked chain attached to the nipple clamps as he came. sex underage 15 Kittibun just had to hope that all the right things would happen.Downstairs, while upstairs Nung wailed at the ceiling in Room 11, his butt now being spanked with a wooden paddle, another popular act was set to ls underage portal begin that would soon follow Koompa's. The act, "Discovery of Wonderful Pleasure," was also a very popular one. As the act began, the curtain would open toplist child underage revealing a naked, underage foot fetish older, Thai, teen with a raging hard on seated in a lounge chair, to be specific underage free girl sixteen year old Nan who had been doing the act since he was fourteen. Then, as underage porn games a naked youth, this one only ten or so, his tiny button underaged nude latins of a dick and marble-sized balls exposed for all to see, walked onto the stage their would be applause, because the boy underage list bbs was always specially selected for underage girl videos the act and was usually very beautiful.As he came and stood by the chair Nan australian underage drinking would usually say something reassuring to the underage teens skirts younger boy in Thai and underage model russian tell him what he was supposed to do. Then, the younger boy would climb up into Nan's lap and lay back upon his body. Of course, what the regular customers knew, that the first-timers didn't, was that the younger boy was a virgin in every sense of the word. He knew nothing about sex or masturbation.The sight of the younger boy, as he lay back upon the body of the older boy and the older boy began to play with his tiny underage models bbs peter and it inflated, was a huge turn on for the nude underage photography rape underage porn audience, as was the fact that they were all getting to witness the younger boy's first introduction to sex.Nan was an expert at such stimulation nonnude underage model and the younger boy would alternately gasp and coo, as his hard little dink became a source of overwhelming pleasure for him. Naturally, Nan made sure that he prolonged the cp forum underage event as much as possible by alternately positioning the boy on his hands and knees in his lap and eating his hole or flipping him over and sucking his peter, the younger boy making all kinds of sounds and exclamations in response.Needless to say, the shock and surprise and the squeal of delight, as the younger boy eventually had his very first porno angles underage orgasm, brought tremendous applause from underage drinking conference underage asian vid the audience, as did his astonishment sometime later underage nude familys when he masturbated Nan's hard, five-inch, dick and watched cum spurt from it, then as instructed, dip his tiny fingers underage nude lilitas into the white goo and taste it.Yes, "The Palace of Infinite Delights," underage models cp both upstairs and downstairs, provided entertainment for all. The boys were beautiful and handsomely paid, and it had all made Mr. Srichaphan a very wealthy man.The End
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